Crafted to last

Encouraging customers to conscious consumption has been at the core of Fredericia’s company ethics ever since we began in 1911.

Our pioneering work with Børge Mogensen is based on combining timeless, modern aesthetics with durable construction and good materials. With the ultimate goal of creating furniture that becomes more beautiful with age, intended to be passed down from one generation to the next.

These core values are rooted in our sense of responsibility, seen in our use of natural materials, our ethical methods of production and our respect for the people using our furniture every day.

At Fredericia, we take our legacy and responsibility seriously when developing and producing furniture, utilising a modern chain of production geared towards today’s global market.

United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Fredericia supports the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which address some of the biggest challenges we are facing in the world today.

• Goal 12 encourages the sustainable use of natural materials, responsible consumption and production.

• Goal 13 aims to integrate strategies and planning to help mitigate the impact of climate change.

• Goal 15 involves protecting and promoting sustainably managed forests, the prevention of deforestation and the preservation of biodiversity.



Responsible design

Respect for nature and its materials is at the heart of our company.

”It can take 150 years to grow a big and beautiful oak tree, so you really have an obligation to make the best out of it. To craft the furniture to last.”

— Thomas Graversen, Owner of Fredericia


All wood from Fredericia comes from responsibly-managed FSC forests, where no more trees are felled than the forest can reproduce naturally.

The FSC Forest Management Certification confirms that a forest is being managed in an environmentally responsible manner that preserves biodiversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers. The FSC  standard is gradually being applied to all our products throughout 2021.

The European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) is a trade mechanism imposed by the EU Parliament and Council to reduce illegal logging by ensuring that no illegal timber or timber products can be harvested or sold in the EU. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the sustainable management of forests, reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation beyond EU borders.


FSC certified

German, French, Slavonian






Fredericia leather

We carefully select premium quality hides in order to provide the highest calibre leather for our designs. Genuine leather that will age with grace. Beautiful, high quality leather starts with healthy livestock.

All Fredericia leather comes from well-known, certified sources, where professionals are trained to respect animals, while optimising the quality of the raw hides. Our entire Fredericia Leather collection is comprised of raw hides guaranteed to be sourced from European livestock, primarily from Germany, Sweden and Denmark. For a growing number of articles in our collection, we offer expanded traceability, with the ability to trace the origin of raw hides back to each specific animal.


Blauer Engel
The German Ecolabel

European raw hides

Vice, Max, Nubuck, Vegeta, Omni, Primo

 Scandinavian raw hides
Trace, Organic

Swedish bull hides
Saddle leather


SPOOR leather

SPOOR is a collection of leather that comes with 100% documented traceability. This means you can be sure that the leather of your choice can be traced back to the animal whose hide was used to create the leather. SPOOR also provides a guarantee that the leather comes from Northern European rawhides.

The Nordic origin means that the cattle have enjoyed some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world.

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Tested Quality


All new Fredericia products are tested at either the Danish Technological insititue or the German TÜV institure.

The Danish Technological Institute — A leading research and technology company

TÜV SÜD — Provides vehicular inspection and product certification services. (Pato).

Waste management

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Pato recycle 

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Varnishes & adhesives

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Key points

Our polypropylene is 100% recyclable due to the purity of the material. 


Our wood is responsibly sourced – with FSC certification gradually applied to our entire collection.

Most of our upholstery options are eco-labelled – both our fabrics (EU Flower / EcoTex / Greenguard) and our leather (Blue Angel).

Most of our products are tested for hard public use - and some through generations of use in everyday life.

We produce and source all parts and raw materials in Europe (except American walnut and Jatoba wood).

We use the most environmentally-friendly options in the industry when it comes to hard foam (MDI-foam) and chrome plating (Chrome III).