Canvas is made from smooth woven flax and is a highly durable material.
It is available in the colours natural and black.


Regular Maintenance
Dust and dirt take their toll on canvas, which is why it should be vacuum-cleaned often, preferably once a week, using a soft mouthpiece at medium suction in order to prolong its longevity.

∆ Before removing tough stains, you should always check the upholstery producer’s recommendation regarding specific materials.

You will get the best result if the stain is removed immediately.

Stains from thick or solid materials should be scraped off with a dull knife or spatula before further action is taken. A dry stain should be vacuum-cleaned to remove any loose particles before further action is taken.

If liquids are spilt, use a clean napkin or cloth to soak up the liquids before further action is taken. Non-greasy stains should be removed by dabbing a lint-free cloth or sponge wrung in clean, hot water. You should work your way from the edges toward the middle of the stain. Greasy stains should be removed by using purposeful cleaning agents. However, all cleaning agents should be tested on a non-visible area before use.

In order to avoid discolouring and blotches, we recommend drying the upholstery with a hairdryer. The upholstery should be completely dry before use.

Due to surplus die, dark jeans may leave smudges on the upholstery. Unfortunately, this cannot always be avoided by pre-washing or dry cleaning. .