Oiled Treated Surfaces

The oil is absorbed into the wood and creates a soft surface with a soft “touch”. Oil treatment does not provide full protection of the surface. Oiled wood will develop a natural patina that will become more beautiful over time. At Fredericia, oil treatment is available for a number of products in oak, smoked oak or walnut.

Oak light oil: Clear, light, natural oil. The oil is specially developed with a very light pigment treatment that preserves the light colour of the oak.

Oak oil and Walnut oil: Clear, natural oil. With oak, the wood takes on a natural, darker tone.

Smoked oak oil: Oak is smoked according to traditional methods and proper protocols in an ammonia vapor. After a final polish by hand, a clear, natural oil is applied to the smoked oak. Difference in surface colour will naturally occur and will vary considerably.

Daily cleaning
Wipe with a clean, dry cloth. We do not recommend using wet cloths on oiled surfaces if this can be avoided. For stains that cannot be removed with a dry cloth, use a soft cloth dampened with clean water and wrung out. Immediately after wiping with the damp cloth, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface dry.

∆ NEVER use chemicals, scouring pads, steel wool or the like, as these will damage the surface.

∆ NEVER use pure linseed oil for any kind of maintenance of wooden furniture.

Oiled wood surfaces must be maintained regularly with the application of a thin layer of oil. For our oak oil, walnut oil and smoked oak oil, Fredericia recommends using Leather Masters Wood Wax Oil.

For oak light oil, we recommend using Leather Masters Natural Oil. However, this must not be used if the wooden furniture is to be completely re-oiled after it has been sanded down. It should only be used for maintenance of dry surfaces for the variant Oak light oil. Apply oil only when it is visibly necessary, when the surface looks dry or faded. Oil applied one to two times a year is usually sufficient to preserve the colour of the wood.

Before applying oil, wash the entire piece of wooden furniture with a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm water. For dirt that is more difficult to remove, add soap shavings to the water. Allow the surface to dry completely for at least one hour before treating with oil. If the wood fibres rise, the surface can be sanded lightly using sandpaper grain 240. Drag the sandpaper gently over the surface once in the longitudinal direction of the wood grain. Then wipe the wood with a dry soft cloth to remove any excess dust.

Next apply oil onto a dry cloth and and apply the oil on the wooden furniture by wiping the cloth in the longitudinal direction of the wood grain. Never pour oil directly onto the wooden surface itself. Be aware that a uniform, even layer of oil must be applied to the entire piece of wooden furniture, as well as the underside and edges in wood to avoid any distortions of the wood. Let the oil work for approx. 15 minutes.

Finally, remove any excess oil by wiping with a dry, lint-free cloth in the longitudinal direction of the wood grain. Let the furniture dry for at least 12 hours before using it. Repeat the treatment as needed.

Please note
∆ Cloths with oil can ignite spontaneously and must be disposed of with care. We recommend storing cloths with oil in a closed plastic or metal container with a little water added.