Paper Cord 

Paper cord is a natural material, which will achieve beautiful patina over time. It is a durable and comfortable material, which will last for a long time. It can be replaced or repaired by a professional, if and when required.



Please Note That
∆ Never use washing-up liquid on paper cord.

∆ Paper cord is sensitive to strong die, i.e. new jeans, red wine, fruit syrup etc.

Daily Maintenance
Paper cord needs no or only very little maintenance.

Vacuum-clean gently with a soft mouthpiece at medium suction in order to remove dust and avoid discoloration from dirt. Wet stains should be removed immediately, by soaking up any liquids with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Thorough Maintenance
Use a cloth very firmly wrung in soapy water (¼ dl white, organic soap flakes to 5 litres of water) to freshen up the seat. Do not, however, do it too often, as it will wear down the paper cord. Dab rather than rub when removing stains, as rubbing may cause the material to absorb the stain.