Extensive Leather Expertise

Leather is one area of expertise where we have in-depth knowledge and decades of experience. We have our own Fredericia Leather Collection, comprised of a careful selection of the finest furniture leathers on the market chosen for their high calibre. Genuine, premium leather that will age with beauty and grace.


A natural material

Leather is a natural material that should be treated with the utmost respect. Only the high standards of animal welfare provide the high quality we seek in our selection of the best leather for upholstery.

Our raw hides come from Scandinavia and Germany, where animals are bred in a natural environment under healthy conditions.





Footage from Tärnsjö Garveri






Our signature saddle leather is sourced, tanned and tailored in Sweden using only organic content throughout every phase.

Our standard upholstery leathers are tanned in Italy and certified with the German ecolabel Der Blaue Engel (The Blue Angel), the world's oldest ecolabel, setting high standards for environmentally friendly product design since 1978. 


Generations of use

All our leathers are free of allergenic substances. Surplus leather that cannot be used in our own manufacturing is sold to a third party and used for other leather products, as part of our approach to recycling and waste management.

Our selection, tanning and finishing of the hides provide soft, yet precise upholstery that keeps a sharp, defined shape even after generations of use, along with a sublime tactile feel.