Upholstery Excellence


Our two upholstery workshops in Denmark represent a combined body of upholstery knowledge unapparelled in Scandinavia, where we keep our traditions alive and apply our internal wealth of knowledge. At the same time, we draw on the insights and expertise of our staff to inspire the ongoing evolution of our designs.

The Ox Chair is a perfect example of an innovative approach to an old craft. With its voluminous upper body on a delicate steel base, it was a challenge to produce when it was first launched in the 1960s by the AP Workshop in Copenhagen. In the late 1980s, Hans J. Wegner turned to Erik Jørgensen for his upholstery expertise and the result was quite cutting edge at the time. Together they introduced modern block foam to the chair, making it extremely stable in form over time, as opposed to the traditional method used before. Nevertheless, the process of upholstering the Ox Chair remains a very handcrafted technique. The sculpted lines and organic curves require expert craftsmanship skills and a certain amount of physical strength. It actually takes an entire day to make each Ox Chair.