EJ 280 Pure Elements

Pure elements

Pure lines and a clean expression


Erik Jørgensen Design Team


Elements Sofas


Upholstered in textile

Pure lines and a clean expression

A classic gets soft

In 1970, Erik Jørgensen designed the classic EJ 220 sofa, which has become the foundation to Erik Jørgensen The Manufactory ‘s furniture collection, as well as becoming the archetype of the Danish box sofa. In 2010, the classic sofa was expanded with a soft lounge version that carried the name EJ 280. A stylish and comfortable sofa with large cushions on the seat and on its back. Now, the collection is expanding with a chaise long sofa.

New design, new name

Now, the EJ 280 sofa is introduced under a new name: Pure. In extension to the new name, the sofa has its debut as a corner sofa, built from elements. In 1970, when the EJ 220 was introduced for the first time, it was produced with down cushions: and it has been a high priority for the EJ Design Team to stay true to the original expression. The large cushions in Pure, combined with the textile, makes the sofa appear gentler. The firm cushion beside the armrest was replaced with a softer cushion, which contributes to the sofa’s new and gentler expression.

The chaise long sofa that fits in everywhere

The highly popular sofa has been requested for a long time by the large family. Now, their request has been granted. It can be combined in several ways. Even the small apartment can accommodate a lounge sofa with space for life and cosiness. The sofa can be made with legs in either oak, steel or chrome.

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EJ 280 Pure Elements

Pure elements


EJ 280-III / Corner sofa

EJ 280-III TOPVIEW / Corner sofa

EJ 280-IIL / Left sided corner sofa

EJ 280-IIL TOPVIEW / left sided corner sofa

EJ 280-IIR / right sided corner sofa

EJ 280-IIR TOPVIEW / right sided corner sofa

EJ 280-IV / corner sofa

EJ 280-IV TOPVIEW / corner sofa

EJ 280-VI / corner sofa

EJ 280-VI TOPVIEW / corner sofa

EJ 280-VR / EJ 280-VL / corner sofa

EJ 280-VR TOPVIEW / corner sofa

EJ 280-F / Footstool

EJ 280-FL / Footstool

EJ 280 Pure Elements

Pure elements



Fixed on frame
Removable on cushions




Down Cover


Chromed legs or sledgebase
Natural oak

EJ 280 Pure Elements

Pure elements




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