EJ 295

EJ 295 sofa

A sofa for the entire family


Erik Jørgensen Design Team


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Upholstered in textile or leather

The design that invites you to “hygge”

The essence of a lounge sofa

When creating EJ 295, the Erik Jørgensen Design Team wished to use the best from the classic sofa designs that Erik Jørgensen was well-known for. This combined with the requirements consumers have today led the EJ Design Team to design a sofa where the entire family can gather. This is the essence of an inviting lounge sofa.

Inspired by a classic

EJ 295 is a beautiful extension of the classic EJ 220 sofa that Erik Jørgensen designed in 1970. With its simple design and references to a classic box sofa, the perfect balance between a lounge sofa and a classic is created. A new addition is the cushions. The loose seat cushions give the sofa a casual look, while ensuring good comfort, emphasized by the riders.

Elegant details

The sofa has elegant powder painted legs in aluminium, which creates a light expression. The inner frame is made in beech wood and the cushions have beautiful details, like crochet cutting along the edges and downward stitches. Its solid materials ensure a long durability and this is underlined and emphasized by the reversible pillows.

Great seat comfort

We, at Erik Jørgensen, take pride in the fact that our products are more than just beautiful design: they are also great crafts and we use materials of high quality. The cushions in EJ 295 are made of a foam core and a thinner outer layer, this creates a very stable cushion.

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EJ 295

EJ 295 sofa


EJ 295-CHV-E / Left turned chaise lounge

EJ 295-CHH-E / right turned chaise lounge

EJ 295-CH Topview / Chaise lounge seen from above

EJ 295-CH-E Sideview / Chaise lounge seen from the side

EJ 295-P1 / Arm cushion

EJ 295

EJ 295 sofa



Frame and seat cushion fixed
backrest cushion removable covers




Down cover


Polished aluminium
Antracite grey (Ral 7024)


Side cushion

EJ 295

EJ 295 sofa




High res Low res