EJ 63/64/65/66

EJ 63/64/65/66

A modern classic


Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen


Coffee table Tables


stainless seel with granite or marble table top

Dateless design

A sense of modernity

The experienced design duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen strives to design furniture whose lifespan can withstand the tendencies of time and, instead, become a timeless classic.

Stylish in both marble and granite

The stylish EJ 63/64/65/66 table collection oozes of modern design because of its classic nature, with legs in stainless steel and a table top made from either marble or granite.

EJ 63 and EJ 64 in Carrara Bianco marble

An icon created in 1999

Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen created two icons back in 1999: the EJ 65 and the EJ 66 tables.

EJ 66 in Windsor white granite

Granite and earthy tones

The tables are also available in narrower versions: the EJ 63 and the EJ 64 tables. The classic version on taller legs with a top of granite fits perfectly in today’s decorating style.

EJ 65 and EJ 66 in black granite

EJ 66 in black granite

The right choice

The table tops are produced in black or white Windsor white granite as well as marble in the colours Carrara Bianco, Black Moon and Denver Grey.

EJ 63 and EJ 64 in black Denver and Denver grey

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EJ 63/64/65/66

EJ 63/64/65/66


EJ 63 / squared coffee table

EJ 64 / elongated coffee table

EJ 65 / squared coffee table

EJ 66 / elongated coffee table

EJ 63/64/65/66

EJ 63/64/65/66



black Granite
Windsor white
Marble Carrara Bianco
Marble Black Moon
Marble Denver Grey
Ceramic plate in the color anthracite against extra charge


stainless steel
mat black lacquer

EJ 63/64/65/66

EJ 63/64/65/66


3d rendering


3d format



High res Low res