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Cushions and filling

The importance of the right materials


The importance of the right materials

Quality cushions of sublime calibre inside and out

Here at Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik we take comfort seriously. That is why we focus extensively on the elements in our furniture that can’t be seen immediately. Filling is not just filling. We have many different types of pillow, each one of them to optimise your seating experience on that particular piece of furniture.

Moulded foam

With moulded foam, the possibilities are almost infinite. Moulded foam is characterised by the fact that the frame elements are often cast into the foam. With this technique, it is possible to create a shape with completely sharp edges.

The foam we use for our moulded furniture is polyurethane foam, also known as PUR foam, and is available in both a soft and a hard version.

Polyurethane foam is a material that is characterised by its flexibility and open cell structure. By using polyurethane foam for a piece of furniture, good durability and high flexibility are ensured. The foam has a stable shape, which means that a cushion will always return to its original shape after being compressed.

Furthermore, with moulded foam there is extremely low waste, as it does not waste any foam being cut off.

Corona cushions

Cold cured polyurethane

Cold cured polyurethane is a type of foam that has more elastic properties and develops less heat than ordinary foam. The foam does not absorb moisture and provides good sitting and sleeping comfort. The foam also has good durability.

The foam is referred to as block foam, as it is shaped into large blocks and then cut into various forms by special machines.

Although cold cured polyurethane is available in different hardness levels, it is a very firm foam with high resistance. Therefore, it is preferable not to use it as the foam for the top layer in a piece of furniture, but rather as the core of a pillow.

Dacron top

Most of our sofas are built of different layers of filler. For example, a combination could be to have a core of cold cured polyurethane and then an outer layer. This outer layer could be a Dacron top.

A Dacron top is a type of cushion with a soft foam core surrounded by a layer of cotton. The cotton, which resembles a thin cotton rug, is placed on the top of the foam and provides a soft and comfortable surface to sit on.

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Dunvår top

Most of our sofas are built of different layers of filler, for example, a core of cold cured polyurethane and an outer layer. This outer layer could, for example, be a Dunvår top, which provides a soft finish on top of the foam core.

A Dunvår top is a kind of quilt filled with a mixture of down, feather and granulated foam. This gives the sofa a soft finish, but due to its foam core, you will not sink into the furniture – the furniture will keep its shape.


Polydown is a material that is a combination of foam, granulate, feathers, fibre and down.

Visco-elastic foam

Visco-elastic foam, also known as memory foam, is a foam that shapes to your body. The foam compresses most where the pressure is greatest – it shapes around your body and provides support in the places where your body needs it the most.

As you may know from your pillow or mattress enhancer, visco-elastic foam is very soft to sit or lie on, and therefore too soft to use as the only filling in a sofa seat. Therefore, we use the comfortable visco-elastic foam as a layer on top of a harder foam, which is then finished with, for instance, a Rhombofill duvet. This means that when you sit on a Delphi sofa, the first thing you notice is the light Rhombofill duvet, then you sink into the soft and comfortable visco-elastic foam, and finally you meet the hard foam, which prevents you from feeling like you are sinking.

Rhombofill duvet

A Rhombofill duvet is a duvet we use as the final layer in cushions in some of our sofas. It consists of a filling mixed with balls of cotton and small soft and elastic foam pieces. The filling provides good support and high comfort. The Rhombofill duvet creates a soft finish to the seat and can be used under any type of cover. For example, a Rhombofill pillow is used in the Delphi sofa.

The name Rhombofill originates from the way the filling is composed. The tiny foam pieces in the filling are cut into rhombus shapes. This shape helps the pillow maintain its shape much better.

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