Anderssen & Voll


Torbjørn Anderssen & Espen Voll




1976 & 1965

Anderssen & Voll

The company Anderssen & Voll was established in autumn 2009, and today Anderssen & Voll are among the most prominent and successful Norwegian designers.


Anderssen & Voll

New Nordic

Anderssen and Voll have, through their work, which spans from textile design, tableware, lighting and furniture to electronics, played a major role in the rise of ‘new Nordic’.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional design

Their designs build and expand on traditional craftsmanship with elements of surprise that stimulate thought and reflection, breaking with the expectations of traditional design.

The perfect mix

Both Hector and Bow are stunning examples of the design duo’s approach: using a simple design that has an elegant twist, which results in furniture that is modern and classic at the same time.

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