Erik Jørgensen Design team


Erik Jørgensen Design Team





Erik Jørgensen Design team

Design carried on in the family spirit

The in-house Erik Jørgensen design team designs and develops furniture in line with the company’s many years of tradition.

Great craftsmanship

Based on Erik Jørgensen’s extensive knowledge of the craft of furniture design, the Erik Jørgensen design team creates new furniture incorporating the founder Erik Jørgensen’s knowledge of upholstery as well as the company’s many years of history.

EJ 280 Pure

With a Scandinavian approach to design

The Erik Jørgensen design team have a style that is characterised by a functional approach to design and a simple Scandinavian vibe.

EJ 295

The classic sofa

The design team have designed numerous beautiful sofas that all demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship, and detail in the upholstery, and that offer great comfort.

EJ 280 Pure is available with both legs of steel or legs of beautiful wood

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EJ 280 Sofa

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