Erik Ole Jørgensen


Erik Ole Jørgensen




1925 - 2002

Erik Ole Jørgensen

Erik Ole Jørgensen had an instinct for tactility in textiles as well as in his furniture design. Originally, Erik Ole Jørgensen was educated as a furniture upholsterer, but upgraded his skills by educating himself as an architect too.

Classic design with beautiful form

His talent for composing patterns and textiles has ensured that his designs have achieved the status of classics. They are as relevant today as when first designed.

Passion for the unique and functional

With a focus on the entire process from the first drawings to the completed product, Erik Ole Jørgensen designed furniture with simple functional elegance.

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EJ 315 Chair

EJ 315 sofa

EJ 315 3 seater sofa. Designed by Erik Ole Jørgensen.

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