Ernst & Jensen


Anne-Mette Bartholin Jensen & Morten Ernst




1969 & 1964

Ernst & Jensen

With their joint work in recent years, the Danish design duo of Anne-Mette Jensen (1969) and Morten Ernst (1964) have manifested themselves as exponents of contemporary Danish design.


Ernst & Jensen

The school of architecture where it all began

The duo’s collaboration dates back to their time as students at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen. Here they were both educated as architects in, respectively, 1997 and 1998.

In Duplo sofa & Insula Piccolo table

En A design competition became the starting point blev startskuddet

The journey began in 1994, when Erik Jørgensen The Manufacturer announced a design competition for entrants to suggest ‘a new place or form of togetherness’. Together Ernst and Jensen designed the furniture Waves and won the competition. Since then, the two have attracted international attention with their organic, innovative design.

Waves seating furniture

The interaction between the room and the furniture

When the duo design a room, they design the furniture to play a significant role. The furniture is part of the room, and it is interesting how it can effect a change in the movement in the room.

Insula Wall shelf & Piccolo Wood table

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Insula Table

Insula Piccolo

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