Hannes Wettstein

Designer Hannes Wettstein


Hannes Wettstein




1958 – 2008

Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein is viewed as one of the most innovative and esteemed designers in Switzerland.



A growing company

In 1991, he founded his own firm, which soon expanded and took on assignments both locally and around the world.

The design trends of today

As a teacher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and later as a professor at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, Hannes Wettstein has made his mark on the design trends of today.

From Wettstein to Hürlemann

Since Hannes Wettstein’s death in 2008, Studio Hannes Wettstein has carried on his work, led by designer and architect Stephan Hürlemann. In 2016, the company changed its name to Hürlemann.

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Delphi Ottoman

Round grey velvet pouf

Delphi sofa

Brown leather sofa

Delphi Elements

Cognac leather Delphi Elements sofa with chaiselong

Apoluna Sofa

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