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Hans J. Wegner

Hans J. Wegner is one of the world’s most esteemed designers. At the age of 17, he completed his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in the workshop of H.F. Stahlberg.

Danish Modern

He later moved to Copenhagen to attend the School of Arts and Crafts, where he studied from 1936 to 1938. As one of the driving forces behind ‘Danish modern’, Hans J. Wegner helped change the general public’s view of furniture.

Sublime idiom

His designs are known for their exquisite shapes combined with the designer’s sublime understanding of materials. In particular, his deep understanding of wood and its natural characteristics has resulted in designs that are minimalism with an organic natural softness.

500 chairs

Throughout his impressive career, Hans J. Wegner designed more than 500 pieces of furniture, among which the Ox Chair was his personal favourite. His designs have, over time, won numerous international awards and many have attained iconic status all over the world.

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Wegner Ox Chair

Cognac leather lounge chair

Wegner Queen Chair

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