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About Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik

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Craftsmanship since 1954

Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik was founded in 1954 in Svendborg, Denmark, by saddlemaker and upholsterer Erik Jørgensen. When Erik passed away in 1998, his two sons Niels and Ole took over the company. At Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik we aim to produce furniture that lasts. Not only for use but also to beautify our surroundings, and open our eyes to new ways of seeing and making furniture. A passion for design and good craftsmanship is what characterizes Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik.

History behind Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik

The story behind Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik

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