Types of leather

Quality leather with a beautiful look

Quality leather with a beautiful look

Natural marks are a sign of exclusivity

At Erik Jørgensen, we use some of Europe’s most beautiful leather types. The manufacturers from these regions are known for their gentle processing of raw hides and vegetable tanning processes with bark from Mimosa and Tara trees. This machining ensures that the furniture becomes more durable while enhancing the leather's beautiful details, color shades, and natural marks.

High quality ensures good seating comfort

At Erik Jørgensen, we upholster exclusively in two leather types, aniline and semi-aniline. Both characterized by their high quality, breathability, and great seating comfort.

Only 5% of all raw skin meet the requirements for aniline, while 10-15% meet the requirements for semi-aniline.

Quality leather changes appearance over time

The type of leather you should choose depends on your expectations of the furniture’s appearance – both now and concurrently as you use it. If you want a leather furniture with visible natural marks, which over the years obtain a unique patinated expression, you can choose aniline. If you want a more durable leather furniture with a more uniform surface, you may want to choose semi-aniline.

Below you can read more about the benefits of aniline and semi-aniline and our range of leather types. No matter what you choose, we will guide you how to best to maintain your furniture.

Aniline leather has a unique natural expression.

Aniline leather is the most sublime leather quality and is made from the most exclusive rawhides. The leather has a light oil finish making the leather easier to maintain. Aniline leather has a natural surface and therefore often carries the most distinctive traces of natural marks.

When choosing aniline you should note that the leather easily absorbs fluids and greases and will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. This may sound like a disadvantage, but it is actually an advantage if you want a furniture that gets a unique and patinated look with time.

Aniline is carefully processed and therefore the pore holes in the skin will be visible. This contributes to a good seating comfort, as the leather is breathable and therefore quick to adapt to your body temperature.

Semi-aniline is durable and easy to maintain

Semi-aniline has a light covered surface, which protects the leather against external impact. Making the leather more resistant and easier to keep clean. Semi-aniline has been applied a thin layer of surface protection. This makes the leather take on a more uniform look over the years.

Just like aniline, semi-aniline leather combines a beautiful natural look with a richly textured surface. The visible pore holes ensure the best tempering and seating comfort.

Erik Jørgensen’s selection of aniline and semi-aniline leather


Type: Semi-aniline
Surface and touch: Textured surface and elegant
Characteristic: Durable and optimal seating comfort. Apache is available as a coloured leather. The colour acts as a protective layer making it difficult for water and dirt to penetrate the leather.


Type: Semi-aniline
Surface and touch: Rustic, natural structure
Characteristic: Durable and resistant


Type: Aniline
Surface and touch: Light shine
Characteristic: Corona leather is a slightly pigmented. The grainstructure of the hide is 100 % natural. It is taking
on a very natural-looking patina as time goes on.


Type: Aniline
Surface and touch: Polished and shiny surface
Characteristic: A Firm leather, which enhances the seating comfort and has visible natural marks and a colour variation.


Type: Aniline
Surface and touch: Smooth surface with a matt look
Characteristic: A firm leather with an excellent seating comfort. Coloured to enhance the leather’s natural colour differences; Light impregnation to protect against grease and dirt.
Manufacturing: Cohiba is an aniline leather designed especially for Erik Jørgensen. The leather is vegetable tanned with bark from the Peruvian tara tree.


Type: Aniline
Surface and touch: Light surface finish
Characteristic: Light colour which over time takes on a darker patinated look
Manufacturing: vegetable tanned with bark from the Mimosa trees.


Type: Aniline
Surface and touch: smooth and natural
Characteristic: soft leather; with little to no natural marks. The leather provides the highest comfort, where the tanning process makes it possible to preserve its characteristics such as scars and bug bites.

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