A strong and flexible material

A strong and flexible material

The elegant and long-lasting solution

Linoleum is a strong and flexible material that guarantees your furniture longevity. Elegant and durable solutions are created with a linoleum surface. Linoleum creates a unique and beautiful look. Our linoleum furniture is easy to maintain and has a beautiful and matt finish.

Linoleum ensures sharp results

Linoleum creates beautiful and sharp edge solution making it perfect for our organic design.

The environmental choice

Linoleum is the environmental choice. The linoleum used by Erik Jørgensen is produced environmentally and ethically responsible. Linoleum is made of renewable raw materials and the combination of oxidized linseed oil, resin, finely ground cork and pigments. This manufacturing method makes the linoleum not only flexible and elastic but gives the product an outstanding durability.

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Smukke borde med linoleum

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