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The Maersk Tower


Hannes Wettstein


The Maersk Tower, Copenhagen


Delphi & Apoluna Box

The Maersk Tower


In Copenhagen, Denmark, lies an innovative piece of architecture. A building that set the standard for world-class health research, and where every little detail of the building’s exterior and interior has been carefully selected.

A Copenhagen landmark

The Maersk Tower, an architectural artwork by Danish architectural firm C. F. Møller, has become a landmark in Copenhagen. The 15-storey tower beautifully rises above the rooftops, and the sustainable campus park, which emanates from the roots of the tower, positively contributes with green and open areas to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Due to its green and energy-optimised settings the tower is a forerunner within the field of renewable energy. It is unavoidable not to notice how the green mind-set has infused the entire project. Both in terms of the energy-efficient laboratories as well as on the exterior where one of the green initiatives is the grass-covered roof.

Credit: Lennart Søgård-Høyer Ramsing and Ramsing

A ski high level of quality

Nothing is left to chance in The Maersk Tower, as is the case with the architectural and technological features, same goes for the interior of the tower – a sky high level of quality. On each of the 15 floors the tower’s functions are connected in loops, which efficiently provides short travel time across the tower and sets the scene for teamwork. In the tower everything is linked to each other and every feature gives a sense of continuity.

Credit: Lennart Søgård-Høyer Ramsing and Ramsing


Connecting the open fifteen floor atrium is a sculptural spiral staircase, which is surrounded by a ‘Science Plaza’ on each floor. In this inviting meeting space, a never-before-seen Erik Jørgensen Delphi sofa was created. In order to continue the sense of infinity we designed the Delphi sofa in a round shape, inviting the many employees to either relax or immerse themselves. Around the tower you will find different versions of the Delphi but also the two-seater Apoluna Box with the familiar high back adorn the space. The round sofas, as well as the classic Delphi daybeds are all made out of our absolute finest leather; elegance. A leather that only ages with beauty, making the sofas, as well as the rest of The Maersk Tower, a green solution.

Credit: Lennart Søgård-Høyer Ramsing and Ramsing

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