3-5th september 2020

Erik Jørgensen welcomes you to 3daysofdesign 2020

Casework sofa, Shøhetta

Erik Jørgensen welcomes you to 3daysofdesign 2020


During 3daysofdesign 2020, Erik Jørgensen invites visitors to the Copenhagen showroom, where new creations from Danish and international designers will be in the spotlight. Erik Jørgensen’s showroom tells a tale of reflection, understanding, and a love of quality.

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A design event with care for each other

Given the current situation with COVID-19, we follow the guidelines and recommendations of the National Board of Health and the authorities. Therefore, several of our events will require registration, so we can ensure a good and safe 3 Days of Design for all our guests.

If you do not have the opportunity to participate in this year’s 3daysofdesign, you can follow the events on this webpage, or follow us on Instagram @erikjoergensen where we will also keep you updated.

Furthermore, you can visit our showroom virtually here and “walk” through the rooms at your own pace.


Thurdays September 3rd

10.00am Showroom opens:
Our sales team is presenting the new launches and is available to guide you through the newly reinterpreted showroom.

4pm -9pm Lounge and Chill (DJ and drinks) – RSVP aga@erik-joergensen.com

Friday September 4th

10.00am Showroom opens:
Our sales team is presenting the new launches and is available to guide you through the newly reinterpreted showroom.

4pm -7pm Lounge and Chill (DJ and drinks) – RSVP aga@erik-joergensen.com


Saturday September 5th

10am-3pm Showroom is open to the public. Experience our reinterpreted showroom, new Erik Jørgensen design launches and art together with a chilled drink.

Erik Jørgensen Showroom
Bredgade 76, 1260 København

Erik Jørgensen showroom

3 days of design

Novelties on display in Erik Jørgensen showroom



The showroom will exude a peaceful calm, inviting visitors to gear down and enjoy moments of contemplation. The interior has been redecorated with a focus on natural materials and a colour palette of off-white, beige and wood, contrasting with brown and black leather, and dark marble.

Side by side with new and renowned design, the showroom is decorated with works by young Danish and international artists. Ceramics, paintings, serigraphs and other works of art will be found in the historic showroom building on the central street of Bredgade. These works of art – which further weave a tale of expert craftsmanship, quality and sustainable approaches – offer guests yet another dimension to explore during their visit to the showroom.


New products on display include the Casework collection, a collection revolving around sustainable thinking, created in collaboration with Norwegian architecture and design brand Snøhetta. After unveiling the first piece in the collection at the Furniture and Light Fair in Stockholm, the complete collection, consisting of two sofas and a chair, is launching during 3daysofdesign. Each piece in the collection was designed by Snøhetta and Erik Jørgensen with a steady eye for minimalism, sustainability and adaptability. All of the materials are natural – the body and legs of the sofa and chairs are made from raw oak, and the cushions are made from natural fibres and upholstered with textiles made of cotton, viscose, linen or wool.


A new version of Damian Willamson’s popular Konami sofa will also be on display. In a re-envisioning of the sofa, the depth of the back is narrower, giving the sofa an even lighter look and adapting it for use in smaller rooms. The sofa is now joined by an ottoman designed to find its place in any room, while featuring the same beautiful upholstery details of the original Konami.

Other new works not to be missed include an expansion of the Savannah collection by Swedish designer Monica Förster and a lounge chair by the Danish design duo Ernst & Jensen.

Visit the showroom on Bredgade 76 during 3daysofdesign and immerse yourself in a world of design.

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Casework 3 seater sofa designed by Snøhetta


EJ 490 Konami 3 seater designed by Damian Williamson

Savannah easy chair


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