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Corona – a proud classic

In the middle of the golden age of Danish design, Poul M. Volther designed the Corona chair. The chair, with its futuristic shape, was displayed at the furniture fair in the Bella Centre in Copenhagen at the beginning of the 1960s. However the chair, which later became a proud piece of Danish design, was not an immediate success when first presented to the picky design audience.


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Since the fair in the 1960s, opinions about the Corona chair have changed and today it can be found in many Danish and international homes as well as in numerous hotel lobbies, companies and cultural buildings. Furthermore, the chair has been a popular guest star in several movies and TV shows, including the thriller Carnal Knowledge from 1971 starring Jack Nicholson, the popular TV show Mad Men as well as the Danish show The Killing.


A solar eclipse sparked inspiration

As Poul M. Volther and Erik Jørgensen were finalising the last details of the chair, with its innovative steel frame, they saw a televised broadcast of a solar eclipse over Mexico. A breath-taking corona encircled the sun and the moon, and in that moment, the two of them agreed that the chair, which was about to become a splendid success, should be named the Corona.

Erik Jørgensen saw something unique in the Corona chair’s beautiful shape and details. The design is light but has a sculptural depth to it at the same time. This piece of furniture, which is almost 60 years old, has attained a status as a design icon. To this day, it is still hugely popular with both seasoned design enthusiasts as well as with the design-conscious younger generation.

‘The Corona chair is still modern even though it was designed in the 60s. It does not specifically reflect the period in which it was designed, which is why it has become a classic. It will always be relevant,’ explained Niels Jørgensen, CEO of Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik.

It all began with a wooden frame

Today the Corona is available in three different versions: Corona Classic, Corona and Corona Spectrum. The first version of the Corona chair, Corona Classic, was designed with a wooden frame, which became a matt chrome steel frame when Volther launched the chair with Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik in 1964. The Corona Spectrum is the latest addition to the Corona family. It has an aluminium frame that can be made in several different colours, making every chair unique.



Seating comfort as pride of place

The four elliptical cushions are mounted on a beautiful organic frame, which appears both transparent and solid at the same time.

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