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Konami Light


Erik Jørgensen is adding a new, more slender sofa to the Konami collection: Konami Light. They have made the depth of the sofa’s back slimmer. The launch of Konami Light means that the elegant, eye-catching Konami design can now feature in more homes or other contexts where space is at a premium.

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new version of the sofa

The first design in the Konami collection was launched during the Italian Salone Del Mobile design week in 2019. Both Danish and international design connoisseurs immediately fell in love with the elegant sofa. The hallmarks of the Konami sofa are soft shapes and a well-upholstered body, which appears to float above the slender legs.

In the new version of the sofa, Konami Light, the depth of the back has been trimmed down. As well as making the sofa look even lighter, it also means it can be placed in smaller spaces.  Konami Light does not make the same demands on to a room as the original Konami. Now that the same beautiful design has been given a narrower back, the sofa can feature in homes, in which bulkier furniture cannot fit.


Any design by the Englishman, Damian Williamson is synonymous with lack of compromise when it comes to comfort and beauty. The latter was a crucial factor when it came to designing Konami Light. The adjustments to the size should in no way detract from the aesthetic of the design.

Accordingly, Konami Light boasts the same stunning details as the rest of the Konami collection.  The slender front of the seat is punctuated by small waves between the individual cushions, while the upholstery is elegant and light.

The name of the design, ‘Konami’ is also a tribute to the sofa’s elegant shapes. Konami is a contraction of the Japanese words ‘ko’ and ‘nami’ and means ‘little wave’.


Damian Williamson (b. 1974) was born in London and educated at Kingston University’s Department of Product Design, from where he graduated in 1998 with his final project, ‘Advanced Materials’.

In 2004, he founded his own research and design studio in Stockholm, devoting himself to the mission of developing simple, functional and beautiful everyday objects. His work is characterised by a pragmatic approach to the design process, while his designs relate emotionally to the modern culture of which they are a part. Essentialism is more important than ornamentation, and Damian Williamson’s penchant for subtle details plays a crucial role in his drive and creativity. Over the years, he has designed for such companies as Zanotta, De Padova and Erik Jørgensen.

Product information

Design: Damian Williamson


3-seater: H: 71 cm / SH: 42 cm / D: 94 cm / L: 277 cm

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