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Press release

New Home Collection showroom

 / June 06, 2018

New Home Collection showroom

Earth Layers - A landscape of complementing colours

At the end of May 2017, Erik Jørgensen opened the doors for the first time to their brand new Home Collection showroom in Bredgade. Now barely a year later, Erik Jørgensen can once again open the doors and welcome you to a newly renovated showroom. This time it is the interior design stylist Pernille Vest, who has created the Home Collection framework.


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Step into the arts

The new showroom has been designed with a special focus on creating a holistic experience that is both down to earth and artistic. This year, the focus has been on creating a continuous experience, where the different rooms are beautifully united, by the tones exquisitely complimenting each other from room to room. This time the placement of the furniture creates the experience of small art installations, where one experience slides into the other. By pulling the furniture into the space, the various pieces are displayed as small works of art.

“The furniture appears as components in a landscape of complimenting colours, tone in tone. The aim has been through our choice of colours to create a soothing and inspiring atmosphere, which combined with the location of the various pieces of furniture in relation to their surroundings, provides an instant calm and serenity, “explains Niels Jørgensen, CEO Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik.

Earth Layers

The Earth’s clay layers have been the very source of inspiration for the colour selection. Natural lime wash in chalky colours has been applied to the walls, which with a dusty lightness catch the light, and in the overall meeting with the furniture presents a new so look. The light is an important element, and for this reason the curtains have been removed and instead dierent mirror installations creating reflections and giving a new exciting light in the rooms have been installed.

“Through the colour tones of the furniture, we have tried to embrace and substantiate their mood with naive objects formed in clay and stone. It’s the details and nuances that make the dierence, and the overall experience is calm, sensual and down to earth, “explains stylist Pernille Vest.

Each room reflects dierent levels of the Earth’s clay layers, from ‘Sandy Dust’, to ‘Stony Gray’ or ‘Warm Soil’. With the new showroom ‘Earth Layers’, we have created a holistic experience, where the furniture and the art grab your senses.

The 1,000 m2 showroom is still shared with Montana. Erik Jørgensen has premises on the ground floor while Montana has their showroom on the first floor.


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Press release

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