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Press release


 /April 04, 2019


A marriage of imaginative design and original craftsmanship

The subtle details that characterize Erik Jørgensen’s new sofa Konami reveal a perfectly balanced symbiosis of artistic vision and skill. At first glance, the 2- or 3-seater appears to be a minimalistic piece of furniture, but upon closer inspection, designer Damian Williamson’s stylistic waves and organic curves set the scene.

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The details are coming through in waves

Damian Williamson is a master of details. The London-born designer is renowned for his ability to mix and match tight and organic expressions to create designs that are both simple and rich. As a great example, Konami’s slender front is deconstructed by finely tuned waves that rise from the individual cushions. The upholstery work ensures an elegant and ethereal finish.

Williamson’s ambition has been to create a sofa that is as easy on the eye, as it is comfortable to sit in. The wide armrests and the soft cushions make it a perfect resting point regardless of whether you want to relax sitting up or lying down. As a significant counterpoint to Konami’s soft pillows, Williamson has equipped the sofa with slim steel legs that gracefully lift the body from the floor. ’Konami’ is a contraction of the Japanese ’ko’ and ’nami’ which means ’little wave”.

Jørgensen and Williamson

The cooperation between Erik Jørgensen and Damian Williamson has been a fruitful experience for both manufacturer and designer:

– The co-lab has been an exciting journey, from the first sketches in 2017 to the final result. It has been a great pleasure to take active part in the development process with all its considerations and challenges, says CEO Niels Jørgensen.

Designer Damian Williamson remarks: “The soft sensual forms project a welcoming gesture that invites us to take a seat, sit back and relax in great comfort”.

Product info

The Konami sofa is launched in both a 2- and 3-seater version and ready for purchase at Erik Jørgensen’s Danish and International retailers from September 2019.

2-seater measurements: H: 71 cm / SH: 42 cm / D: 104 cm / L: 191 cm

3-seater measurements: H: 71 cm / SH: 42 cm / D: 104 cm / L: 278 cm

About Damian Williamson

Damian Williamson (1974) was born in London and educated at the Department of Product Design, Kingston University. He graduated in 1998 with his thesis in “advanced materials”. In 2004 he founded his own research and design studio in Stockholm specifically to develop useful products that emanate a sense of simplicity. His work is defined by a rational approach to design that embraces the emotive and poetic aspects of culture. With a passion for essential design that rejects the superfluous in favor of timeless minimalism. His projects are often characterized by a degree of inventiveness and an acute sense of detail. He has created designs for Zanotta, De Padova and Erik Jørgensen amongst others.

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