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Press release



Bow is becoming rounder with age

The sharply pointed legs carrying Bow are going to have their work cut out for them in Andersen & Voll’s new version of the sofa and armchair which they designed for Erik Jørgensen in 2015. Following the design duo’s decision to make the outside of the armrests even more concave, the look is now both more welcoming and more homely.

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Press release

adding more volume

Bow was designed to surprise and stimulate. An experience which the design duo is now reinforcing by adding more volume to the armrests and the back of the sofa – creating an eye-catching contrast with the slender body of the sofa and the long, sharply pointed legs.

The ‘inflated’ armrests accentuate the stitching and unique curving of the lines, further drawing attention to the noble craftsmanship behind Bow.

A hammock

Bow essentially punctures the common perception of what a traditional piece of furniture should look like. This was the very ambition of Andersen & Voll, who were inspired by the shape of a hammock and the way in which a hammock welcomes the reclining body. Organically shaped and with legs as thin as rope, Bow is made from durable materials capable of withstanding intense use and wear.

Erik Jørgensen will be welcoming Bow 2.0 in early September, at which time it will also go on display at selected dealers in Denmark and abroad.

Product information

Design: Andersen & Voll
Material: Form-cut foam on aluminium/wooden frame
Upholstery: Fabric from Kvadrat etc. as well as exclusive leather
Dimensions: H: 80 cm / SH: 45 cm / D: 74 cm / L: 220 cm (3 seater)

For more information, please contact

[email protected]

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