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KONAMI 1.5 seater

KONAMI 1.5 seater

An invitation from Damian Williamson

A piece of furniture is an invitation to be seated, to engage and to discover another human being. Erik Jørgensen is now facilitating such engagement, while also making it easier to find space for Konami in different-sized interiors. Konami is at once both quite small and quite large – depending on whether it is used as a small sofa or a big armchair.

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Lifelong companionship

Needs change as we go through life – which is a special challenge when it comes to the furniture we buy. With the new one-and-a-half-seater Konami, Erik Jørgensen is turning the sofa into a lifelong companion – which we can take with us as we move from our youthful urban apartment where space is scarce, into a family home with plenty of floor area to play around with, and finally into old age with its need for downscaling again.

At just 133 centimetres wide, Konami is both a sofa for dialogue between two people and an armchair long enough to accommodate a variety of seating positions equally suited for working, enjoying a cup of coffee or simply resting.

Konami is a true reflection of Damian Williamson’s ambition to design a comfortable, yet distinctly light piece of furniture.

With wide armrests and soft seat and back cushions, the sofa embraces the body. A contrast is created between the comfortable cushions and the slender steel legs which gracefully raise the sofa from the floor.

Every single detail is designed to add uniqueness, which Damian Williamson does through such contrasting details. While delicate upholstery along the back and on the sides make Konami less stringent, the front of the sofa is softened with graphic waves to offer comfort and relaxation rolled into one.

Japanese wave

Konami is Japanese for ‘little wave’ based on the contraction of ko and name.

A one-and-a-half-seater model of the Konami is now being launched and will be available for sale from Erik Jørgensen’s Danish and international dealers at the beginning of September.

About Damian Williamson

Damian Williamson (1974) was born in London and graduated from the Department of Product & Furniture Design at Kingston University. Having founded his own Studio in Stockholm in 2004, he has created design for Zanotta, De Padova, Erik Jørgensen and many others.

Product information

Design: Damian Williamson
Legs: Polished stainless steel or carbonised steel, black
Upholstery: Fabric from Kvadrat etc.
Dimensions: H: 71 cm / SH: 42 cm / D: 104 cm / L: 133 cm


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[email protected]

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