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A Classic is softened

In 1970 Erik Jørgensen designed the classic EJ 220 as well as the EJ 270 sofa, which since then became one of the cornerstones in Erik Jørgensen’s collection and the archetypal, classic Danish box sofa. In 2010, the classic sofa was introduced in a new soft lounge version called EJ 280. A stylish and comfortable sofa with large pillows in the seat and back. Now, another new addition is added.


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New Design – New Name

EJ 280 is now introduced under a new name; Pure. In connection with the new name the sofa also debuts as a modular corner sofa.

‘With Pure as a Corner sofa we have challenged the snug look that we otherwise have become known for. The sofa optains a more casual look than what is normally connected with Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik. It is softer” explains Erik Jørgensen Design Studio and continues ‘we are approaching the original look a little, where the pillows where made of down’.


In 1970 when EJ 220 was first introduced, it was produced with down pillows, it has been very important for the EJ design team to stay true to the original design. The big pillows in Pure along with the textile makes the sofa appear rounder. The firm armrest pillow has also been changed to a down top, which adds to the new softer look.


The popular sofa has long been sought aer from larger families, that is now possible. The sofa can be combined in numerous dierent variations, hence making it possible for even the small apartment to find space for a lounge sofa with room for togetherness and “hygge”.

Pure – with sustainability as a focal point

Since Erik Jørgensen founded the company in 1954, crasmanship and quality have always been at the forefront for Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik. In recent years, sustainability has also become an increased important factor.

‘The Pure sofa is clean in its lines and expression. Simultaneously, we have strived to obtain a high level of sustainability in the development of the sofa concept. The entire sofa possesses a great degree of recirculation, which was also the incentive for changing EJ 280 to Pure’ explains Erik Jørgensen Design Studio.

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