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Press release


 / April 04, 2019


Creative vision fulfilled by traditional craftsmanship

Clear lines and a subtle mode of expression make Taco a potential Erik Jørgensen classic. The new easy-stack shell chair is created by Danish duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen and its simplicity reveals a Nordic heritage with a modern touch. The chair is available in two versions with separate shells – one without an arm rest and one with an arm integrated in the seat.


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Nothing short of premium

Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen’s trademark functionalism has made them a household name in the impressive canon of famed Danish designers. Regardless of what object they produce, an organic mode of expression is always discernible – as is an uncompromising demand for absolute quality in all links of the production process. Throughout the years, the Danish duo has enriched the Erik Jørgensen brand with outstanding furniture, and Taco is no exception.

Crisp and light shells

The inspiration for the new chair is to be found in the exotic Mexican cuisine whose beautifully arched taco dorado shells are reborn as the dominating shape in both seat and back. This connection is especially

evident in the basic oak version with the horizontal direction of the grain, because it so resembles the golden crunchiness of delicious corn tacos. The super-elliptical shells are placed in a geometrical grid that turns the chair’s silhouette into a harmonious shape hovering gently in the room it is placed.

A living piece of furniture

Taco comes with many possibilities. For greater comfort, the seat as well as the back rest can be upholstered. This way of bringing the Taco chair to life is just one example of how you can easily match strict minimalism with perfect relaxation. The chair comes in many variations from the most basic version to a special upholstered edition with a built-in arm. Choose from either a steel or a wooden frame.

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