Erik Jørgensen's iconic EJ 220 sofa celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020.

Beige leather EJ 220 sofa


Erik Jørgensen




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The creation of EJ 220

In 1970, Erik Jørgensen, the founder of Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik, created a sofa that stood out compared with the typical designs of this period. It was characterized by organic lines and pompous shapes. The EJ 220 was the beginning of a new trend in Danish sofa design, and it has since been referred to as the archetype of the classic sofa, characterized by an eternal design focusing on simple lines.

EJ 220 light grey wool sofa by Erik Jørgensen EJ 220 3 SEATER IN BARDAL 110 FABRIC, DKK 22.500 incl. tax

The year was 1970

Erik thought that the Danish design scene was lacking a sofa

Especially a sofa that oozed elegance while at the same time being simple enough in its design language that most people could see it as being a part of their home for many years to come. Thus, Erik started drawing sketches. The idea behind the design was that the sofa should be really comfortable while have an aesthetic and simple expression. The sketches became a finished drawing, and thus, the EJ 220 sofa emerged.

A sofa for everyone

The EJ 220 was very well received by the Danish people, and it quickly found its way into many homes and living rooms. The design met a demand for a sofa on which you could just relax and unwind. With its fully padded back and armrests, and soft pillows, the EJ 220 was just that. The sofa was available with or without buttons in the back seat, which could be made using the same upholstery and colour as the rest of the sofa, or the back set could have a contrasting material and colour. In addition, the appearance of the sofa could be changed by using either a regular cushion or a square cushion with a flat bottom. Finally, the EJ 220 was available in various sizes suitable for both smaller and larger families, as either a two-person or a three-person model.

Black cava leather 3 seater Erik Jørgensen EJ 220 3 SEATER IN VERONA 1048 LEATHER, DKK 40.000 incl. tax

The sofa that became an archetype

Since its launch in 1970, the EJ 220 has become one of the cornerstones of Erik Jørgensen’s collection and the archetype of the classic Danish box sofa. With its low box and narrow armrests, it has been the starting point for many sofa designs ever since. The sofa has become synonymous with good craftsmanship and classic Danish design. In addition to being the only piece of furniture in the Erik Jørgensen collection that was designed by Erik Jørgensen himself, the EJ220 is also one of Erik Jørgensen’s most popular and best-selling designs.

Erik Jørgensen wool sofa EJ 220 EJ 220 3 SEATER IN BARDAL 160 FABRIC

To commemorate the 50-year-old design, Erik Jørgensen is presenting the EJ 220 sofa in selected fabrics at favourable prices.

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Old photographs of EJ 220 from the archive

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