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It’s all in the detail

A piece of furniture is an invitation

At Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik we aim to produce furniture that lasts. Not only for use but also to beautify our surroundings and open our eyes to new ways of seeing and making furniture. A passion for design and good craftsmanship is what characterizes Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik.

About Erik Jørgensen

Erik Jørgensen was a trained upholsterer and saddle maker. In 1954, he founded the design company Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik, and designed the classic EJ 220.

When craftsmanship is paramount

A piece of furniture is an invitation for you to enjoy and explore a high level of craftsmanship, beautiful details and design. Therefore, in our production, we pay careful attention to each detail in all of our furniture. It is important to us that every Erik Jørgensen piece is perfect, and we have a special quality control that makes sure that each item is to the tee. We work with the best suppliers in order to make sure that our furniture is of the highest quality.

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Sustainability every day

At Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik, we use the latest production techniques in order to optimize the quality, the performance and the durability of our products, all while constantly limiting the strain on the environment. Our excess textiles and leather are donated to local schools, so we always ensure that we help minimize waste.

Design since 1954

Since 1954, high quality furniture has been a part of Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik. We have a long-standing tradition for processing with passion and pay close attention to detail. We have many returning customers that have had a sofa from us for 20 years, and now just need to have it upholstered in a new textile again, everything else is still in mint condition. All our customers have two things in common: a love for Danish design and an appreciation as well as an understanding for great craftsmanship.

Hector Light sand colored sofa Hector cognac leather sofa EJ 480 Hector

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EJ 220 sofa

Sand leather sofa with light oak legs

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