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Anne Boysen


Copenhagen, Denmark


SHUFFL & Toward

Anne Boysen

Up close and personal with SHUFFL

Anne Boysen is a consummate designer, and her designs often emerge in response to a need that she has noticed.

Anne Boysen Studio

Anne Boysen established her studio in 2012 in Køge just outside Copenhagen. Anne works with art, design and architecture.

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With an eye for details

Anne Boysen has designed Toward and SHUFFL for Erik Jørgensen, and the two sofas share a common focus on research in the design process as well as a characteristic flexibility.

‘My vision for Toward and SHUFFL was to create two innovative pieces of furniture. Toward was designed to appeal to the younger generation, who typically have limited space and therefore need to combine several solutions in a single piece of furniture. SHUFFL, meanwhile, meets a need to bring flexibility into a room and was shaped by my own needs when I work. I need to be able to keep folders, my laptop and a handful of sketches on hand,’ says Boysen.

Anne Boysen & Toward EJ 123


Create your own landscape

The SHUFFL sofa can combine several different modules to form an asymmetrical landscape featuring a side table, a lamp, a power outlet and a planter box that may also serve as a table or a room divider. Inside the table module is a concealed storage space for keeping folders, papers etc. neatly out of sight. Both the base, the planter box and the table are made in oak, a reflection of Anne’s preference for pure, Nordic materials. The back on the sofa is available in two heights to accommodate different user needs.

It's all in the detail

A particularly elegant detail is the heavy fold, which sets the tone for the sofa’s expression and also underscores Erik Jørgensen’s upholstery expertise.

‘I wanted the sofa to demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship, so I spent a long time on the details. Among them, the fold was important for me, because it very effectively sets the tone for the sofa’s expression. The vertical fold highlights the rhythm of the sofa in combination with the stringent lines. That makes for a coherent expression,’ says Boysen.


Craftsmanship as part of her upbringing

Anne Boysen grew up in a home with a father that was an independent cabinetmaker, so from a young age, she learned about constructions, functions and 1:1 model building, but less about the aesthetic aspect, which is very close to her heart. That came later.

‘My process is always very playful and experimental, so I often work with sketching and model building concurrently. I love to create.’

Anne graduated as an architect from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2012. Architecture and furniture design are not Anne’s only interest, however, she has also attended a number of art schools, including Århus Kunstakademi.

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