Stine Goya & Erik Jørgensen

A world of Colours and Design

Orange wool Delphi daybed with smoked oak legs


Hannes Wettstein




Delphi Daybed

Stine Goya & Erik Jørgensen

Delphi and Stine Goya

A creative universe of colours and patterns and a high focus on quality, is the perfect match with our Delphi Daybed that is greeting guests as they enter the Copenhagen showroom.

Stine Goya

Stine Goya established her fashion brand in Denmark in 2006.

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When fashion and Danish design merge

in beautiful synergy

As you enter the Danish designer Stine Goya’s showroom a world full of colours and patterns unfold.

‘Colours are fascinating and tell so many stories – from grandiose or dramatic tales to intimate poetry. For me, colours are an inexhaustible source of inspiration; an almost raw material I love to develop further. Colours can be mixed in infinite ways, creating new shades that tell personal tales of colour, style and print. I love that.’
— Stine Goya



The Delphi daybed is a beautiful extension of the Delphi sofa – it is simple and timeless and of very high quality in craftsmanship. With Delphi Daybed, Hannes Wettstein has focused on honest details and a Scandinavian design.

Orange wool Delphi daybed with smoked oak legs

Delphi and Goya

Fashion and design often cross paths and we are delighted to have our Daybed in Stine Goya’s showroom in Copenhagen, greeting people as they come in.

Orange wool Delphi daybed with smoked oak legs

The details

The daybed is upholstered in Melange Nap 521 and Stine chose to have the legs in smoked oak, which is a nice little extra touch that really emphasizes the Danish heritage and Nordic

Stine Goya showroom Orange wool Delphi daybed with smoked oak legs Delphi EJ 450 E-15 in Melange Nap 521 and smoked oak

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