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The environmental choice

A keen eye for quality and environment

Textiles is the environmental choice. Our partners use the latest technology and the best raw materials to enhance the quality and longevity of our products and minimise their environmental impact.

Textiles that complete your furniture

Textiles play a fundamental role in how we perceive a space. Textile is much more than just a practical solution. It creates the atmosphere and complete the experience when we interact with the furniture. Textile is a unique upholstery material manufactured using a variety of techniques. The many different techniques are expressed in the texture, density and overall aesthetic expression of the textile. Various upholstery textiles suit different settings.

Corona cushions

Find the perfect match

When it comes to selecting a textile, each furniture has a unique set of requirements. So, before deciding on an upholstery fabric, it is important to consider the following: How it will be used? The shape of the furniture? How often it will be cleaned? How long do you expect the upholstery to last? Furthermore, it should be considered if it’s a hard or soft upholstery.


Wool consists of fibres from sheep fleece and is therefore biodegradable. Other benefits are naturally dirt-resistant and flame retardant. The compact, soft and breathable fibres adjust to room temperature making the wool very comfortable. Wool is furthermore hard wearing, and the elastic fibres ensures excellent stretchability.

Wool is very versatile and offers many natural advantages. Recommended applications are; Contract and private market, hard or soft upholstery and organically shaped furniture and large surfaces.


Cotton is a vegetable fibre and therefore biodegradable. Cottonseed lint, consisting of cellulose, is used for cotton yarn. Cotton has a soft and natural feel. Recommended applications furniture used in private homes. Ideal for soft seating.

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Beautiful furniture in textile

Asko High

ASKO high in textile upholstery with white frame

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