Queen chair and Delphi sofa

The Eventyr Lounge in Copenhagen Airport


Hannes Wettstein and Hans J. Wegner


Copenhagen Airport


Delphi sofa and Queen chair

The Eventyr Lounge in Copenhagen Airport


In the Eventyr Lounge at Copenhagen Airport you will find refuge in the middle of the bustle, a hidden gem where you can relax and, for a brief moment, almost feel as if you were at home. The vision with Eventyr was to create the best lounge in the airport. Every little detail of the project has been carefully selected, which has created an area where everything from coffee to seating is of the finest quality.


The Eventyr Lounge, its name a bow to darling Danish writer H.C. Andersen, is located in one of the best spots in the airport. Guests can enjoy the stunning panoramic view that extends as far as the eye can reach – an outer setting that only enhances the spectacular interior. The team created the Eventyr Lounge as a place where you can sit back, relax and recharge your batteries before your next flight and adventure.

The Delphi sofa designed by Hannes Wettstein


In close dialogue with Zeso Architects and Menzies Aviation, Erik Jørgensen, among other Danish design brands, supplied furniture for the Eventyr Lounge. The pieces chosen were arrangements of a large sofa from Delphi Elements in the finest-quality walnut-coloured leather and three Queen lounge chairs designed by Hans J. Wegner.

Many of the surfaces in the 750 square metre Eventyr Lounge are covered with beautiful walnut wood, so it felt natural to choose a colour palette for the furniture in line with that. To unify the look further, we dressed the Queen chairs in a grey textile with leather piping that matches the leather on the Delphi sofas.

The Queen chair designed by Hans J. Wegner


Common elements of both Erik Jørgensen designs and the Eventyr Lounge are exclusivity and comfort, which are equally weighed, meaning that our Delphi sofas and Queen chairs were a natural match for the Eventyr Lounge’s interior decoration.

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