Fredericia launches 100% traceable leather



Our customers can now purchase our Fredericia products furbished with 100% traceable leather. This is facilitated by the new collaboration between Fredericia and SPOOR.


“Respect for nature and its materials has always been central to our business. This means that it is also important to us to know the origin of the materials we use in our production."


Rasmus Graversen, Head of Design & Product Management at Fredericia.

SPOOR leather

SPOOR engages the expertise of the last remaining tannery in Denmark, Scan-Hide, where the leather is tanned. It is subsequently sent to Italy, where the semi-finished hide is processed into leather.

As a by-product of the meat and dairy industry, SPOOR leather, like all our leather at Fredericia, is an example of upcycling waste material from nature. A sustainable production process that contributes to a circular economy.

We are first movers in our industry to be able to trace the origins of leather for our furniture. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and CSR.  


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Ensuring complete transparency

When customers choose to have our products crafted with SPOOR leather, they can trace the leather from the farm to the final product. Including 100% documented transparency of each step along the way.

With our SPOOR leather, you can be sure that the leather comes from cattle raised on farms in Northern Europe. In countries obliged to comply with the strict rules and regulations from the European Union to ensure farm animal welfare.


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