Nanna Ditzel´s Inspiring Impact


Fondly known as the "First Lady of Danish Design," Nanna Ditzel was one of the most creative, versatile, female designers of the 20th century. Her openness to experimentation led to a range of innovative work during her tenure as Head of Design at Fredericia Furniture. Her iconic design of Hallingdal for Kvadrat remains one of the most popular textile designs to date. And she continues to inspire generation after generation across a variety of design disciplines.

Nanna lived in London for nearly two decades and was awarded the title "Royal Designer" by the Royal Society of Arts in London.

Hear personal stories and anecdotes from Fredericia Furniture and Kvadrat together with Dezeen in London, the city Nanna once called home. So that you can also be inspired by her immense talent and artistic vision.


Anders Byriel
Owner/CEO of Kvadrat


Thomas Graversen
Owner of Fredericia Furniture


Marcus Fairs
Editor-in-Chief of Dezeen